Once Places Where US Army Lost To Vietnam, These Jungles & Villages Are Now Tourist Spots

by Shreya Ghosh
Once Places Where US Army Lost To Vietnam, These Jungles & Villages Are Now Tourist Spots

Have you ever wished to explore the historical places where countries have fought against each other many decades and centuries back? There are so many historical places in various corners of the world where countries fought against each other and were covered by blood after the war. After so many years and decades, these places have emerged as iconic tourist places to explore all around the world. Vietnam also has such places where tourists are flying to check out these iconic destinations.

This Twitter User Shared Some Amazing Pictures Of Vietnam & Its Major Attractions!

Mrinal Saikia, an MLA from Assam’s Khumtia took to his Twitter handle @Mrinal_MLA to share some beautiful pictures of many scenic surroundings of the Asian country. These places are emerging as popular tourist attractions and tourists are exploring these locations to get an essence of the historical elements hidden here. Check out the photos of these touristy places here.

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The US Army lost against the patriotic people of Vietnam in the war which many of us have read about in our history classes. Though the clash took place in several places, South Vietnam was the location for most of the ground fighting of the battle. Now these locations are becoming very famous among visitors and many are planning their trips here.

The United States Failed To Win the War

Back in 1955, the Asian country fought the most talked about Vietnam War. This was a clash between North Vietnam and South Vietnam where North Vietnam was helped by the National Liberation Front and South Vietnam was helped by the United States. Though the US army was well equipped with massive weapons, they could not manage to win against Vietnam. The US was a step ahead when it comes to weapons, army, and industrialisation as well, but still, Vietnam won the war against them.

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Do you have any plans to travel to Vietnam anytime soon? If yes, you surely need to add these popular tourist places to your itinerary. Travelling to such places is always a different experience and also represents a different and unique side of the country.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Mrinal Saikia (@Mrinal_MLA)