Over 2 Lakh People Affected In The First Wave Of Assam Floods

by Natasha Monteiro
Over 2 Lakh People Affected In The First Wave Of Assam Floods

I cannot even begin to fathom or forecast the crazy that is 2020. Just as the country is battling COVID-19, forest fires in Uttarakhand & locust swarms across the country – Assam has been hit with what is considered to be just the first wave of flash floods. The floods have displaced almost 2 lakh people, damaged property, crops & live stock.

Floods In Assam

Our hearts go out to the people of Assam as they are battling flash floods, with waters from surrounding rivers reaching dangerously high levels. The Brahmaputra river, called Luit in Assam and also the ninth largest river in world in terms of discharge flows through Guwahati. The river has gradually increased and is rising by 1-2 cm every hour. The water levels were rising since May 16th and it’s not slowing down. The rising water levels have been accredited to the torrential rains in Bangladesh and parts of India due to Cyclone Amphan.

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The water level of Brahmaputra river, Beki, Puthimari, Jia Bharali, Noona river are flowing above danger level marks in many places across Assam. The Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA) has said that the floods have  affected over 2 lakh people in 229 villages in 17 Revenue Circles across seven districts: Darrang, Dhemaji, Dibrugarh, Goalpara, Lakhimpur, Nalbari and Tinsukia.

Approximately 1.68 lakh people have been affected in Goalpara district, about 11,000 people in Nalbari district, 3,000 people are from the Kalgachia revenue circle in Barpeta district and North Lakhimpur revenue circle in Lakhimpur district. People are taking refuge in shelters that have been set up across the state.

In terms of damage, more than 1,000 hectares of crop area are now submerged while 13,500 domestic animals and 3,000 poultry have been affected.


The state is battling this horrible situation, even as the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting Assam. So far about 616 cases were detected, but with people taking shelter together, the number may rise drastically.