Over 900 Mumbai Autos Diver Lose License For Refusing Rides

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) has cancelled licences of over 900 auto drives in Mumbai as they refused to take rides. This happened over the past six months in parts of Mumbai and Thane region. The auto drivers who lost their license challenged their cancellation but the plea was rejected. These drivers will not be allowed to drive any public vehicles in the country.

Credits: Mumbai Press News

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A lot of people would say, they deserved it or they even saw it coming. And this decision is a relief for all the commuters who had to wait for auto-rickshaws for the longest time. This drive was launched in February 2019 and it was led by Shekhar Chenne who is the State Transport Commissioner. He also said that there will be zero tolerance with these auto drives and they will have to go off the streets.

A total of  12,342 auto drivers have lost their licences over varied offences including these 900 over refusing customers to take to their destination. According to Mumbai Mirror’s reports, most offences were recorded in areas like Kurla, Bandra, Bandra Kurla Complex and LTT. There were a lot of drivers who disobeyed in Andheri, Vikhroli and Ghatkopar areas.

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Mrunal Mahajan
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