Over 9375 Acres, Fairy Chimneys Inside THIS National Park In Turkey Is A UNESCO Heritage Wonder

Goreme National Park
by Ankita Mazumdar

A culturally rich country, Turkey is a beautiful sight to behold. Mediterranean Sea, Aegean Sea, and the Black Sea surround it from three of its sides. It also bridges a portion of land between Asia and Europe. Amidst its beautiful geography, there is a unique national park with fairy chimneys in Central Anatolia, Turkey. It is a wonderful place that will leave you in awe of a lot of things. If you plan on visiting Turkey, do not miss out on Goreme National Park.

Visit The Fairy Chimneys At Goreme National Park In Turkey

Goreme National Park

Image Credit: Canva

Goreme National Park is truly a picturesque place. It is spread over 9375 acres and is also known as Cappadocia’s Crown Jewel.  The scenic view change from day to night is breathtaking and if you get a chance to record a timelapse, then surely do that. It attracts a lot of tourists just for the sake of this. It is also a paradise for the photographers.

Goreme National Park offers a lot more than just views. It has one of the most unique ancient cave formations. These cave formations are called hoodoos or fairy chimneys of Turkey. They were formed millions of years ago as a result of volcanic eruptions.  Then, these distinctive fairy chimney-shaped structures occurred after being eroded by weathering. 

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These Caves Were Used By The Civilisations

Goreme National Park

Image Credit: Canva

It is said that these fairy chimneys in Turkey used to serve as a place of worship like churches and also as living places. It used to be an entire functioning city as well, that too underground. Fascinating, isn’t it?

This place has been marked under UNESCO World Heritage Site because Göreme Open-Air Museum has an entire section dedicated to important fairy chimney churches. These churches are beautifully adorned with preserved frescoes. 

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With all these caves and twists and turns, the national park became a well-known place for trekking. Experienced and beginners are welcome to trek here.

This should be a bucket list place for all of you. Do not miss hot air balloon rides above the fairy chimney in Turkey, especially during dawn. The scenic landscapes will be etched in your memory forever.

Cover Image Credit: Canva