Russian Chefs Protest Naked To Reopen Restaurants

Russian restaurants
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 428

Left without income amid the coronavirus lockdown, owners of Russian restaurants are posting naked pictures of themselves on social media, campaigning for their businesses to be permitted to reopen. President of Russia, Vladimir Putin had declared a nationwide lockdown in the end of March, shutting down all businesses except pharmacies and food stores. Now, as the country is reopening gradually, these cash-strapped restauranteurs have taken up this offbeat measure of protest to restart their businesses. Read on.

Owners Of Russian Restaurants Protest Naked To Restart Their Businesses

After the coronavirus pandemic, numerous world economies all going through turbulent times. According to a report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global economy might shrink by more than 3 percent in 2020, which is the ‘steepest slowdown’ since 1930’s Great Depression. These Russian eateries too have been facing acute financial challenges. The owners and employees of hundreds of bars, restaurants and cafes participated in this strip-down act of protest. As per reports, Arthur Galaychyuk, owner of Relab Family bar chain, who took part in the campaign with 20 employees, said that they were naked as they were ‘left with nothing’.

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What Else?

The authorities will allow the eateries in Kazan to reopen their summer terraces from 11th June, after a gap of more than two months. The Novosibirsk authorities have still not announced anything about the reopening of the restaurants. Moscow is also on the way of relaxing the lockdown measures, allowing shopping malls, salons and book stores to restart businesses. It has permitted restaurants and cafes to open their outside terraces. As per the current plans, these restaurants will open up in full swing from 23rd June. In other parts of Russia, bars and indoor restaurants will remain shut. On the other hand, a cafe in Germany is using pool-noodle hats to ensure social distancing among its customers. Another cafe in Dubai has introduced giant teddy bears to indicate the seats that can’t be used.

Russian restaurants

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Travel and hospitality are among those sectors that have been worst-affected by the pandemic. While some restaurants are allowed to deliver food, some others are in absolute losses, with businesses totally shut. We hope that the world recovers from the deadly crisis soon and people resume their normal lives all over again.

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