Paris Strike: City Of Lights Becomes City Of Stench As Trash Piles Up & Threatens Public Health

by Tooba Shaikh
Paris Strike: City Of Lights Becomes City Of Stench As Trash Piles Up & Threatens Public Health

All over the Internet, Parisians are posting pictures of the streets of Paris overflowing with garbage and refuse. This problem in Paris comes as a result of a strike by the garbage collectors and other workers in France who are all protesting a bill that is being passed in the Senate. This strike doesn’t seem like it will let up soon. However, the workers will hold a meeting today, on the 15th of March and take a call on whether the strike will continue.

Paris Strike: Widespread Protests Sweep French Workforce

The garbage workers in the city have been on a strike since the 6th of March. Their reason for going on a strike is a contentious bill that is being opposed by workers country-wide. The bill in question increases the age of retirement of workers by two years.

This means that in order to get their full pension at retirement, the workers will have to continue to struggle in working conditions that are less than optimal for two more years. This bill has been met with widespread criticism and protests ever since it was first announced in January.

There was a massive protest march on the 7th of March in France where a whopping 1.2 million people walked in protest of the bill. However, despite such a strong protest, it doesn’t seem like President Emmanuel Macron is going to heed the people.

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5,600 Tonnes Of Garbage Accumulated In The Streets

The garbage workers in Paris and other cities in France joined the protest last week. Since then, trash has been piling up in the streets. According to the tweets of many, the stench on the street is overwhelming as about 5,600 tonnes of garbage has accumulated so far.

Among other health concerns, officials are also fearing a rat invasion in the streets. Such a large amount of garbage can pose a huge health risk to the safety of the public.

For general workers, the age of retirement, as of now, is 62. If the bill is passed, the age will increase to 64. For garbage workers, the current retirement age is 57 and after the passing of the bill, it will increase to 59.

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