Amazon’s Pavlok Wristband Will Shock You If You Eat A Lot Of Fast Food

by Mrunal Mahajan
by Mrunal Mahajan 922

Amazon is selling this Pavlok bracelet which makes sure that you will not do the ‘wrong things’, and by wrong things I mean eat fast food, spend time on the internet, oversleep or overeat and if you do, it will send you a shock! (Whaaaaaaat) I know, right? How bizarre is this!

I think I am going to be shocked every hour like this! People who have no control over what they are eating, this might just be what we always needed. A device to remind you that you are better than this and should not give in to your cravings and temptations!

Image Credits: Amazon

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This electronic bracelet will send you an electrical shock of 350-volt that is enough to nudge you and make sure you are not doing what you aren’t supposed to. The inventor of this Pavlock, Manish Sethi says, “There is power in pain, it helps you break your bad habit” he said in a conversation with ABC news.

French Fries

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Let’s see how this works, this bracelet will give you a shock every time you give in to your temptation, the most absurd or amazing part is that your friends or family can send you a shock if they catch you cheating or sliding in food secretly. Once they download the application, they will also be able to remind you of what not to do!


This bracelet completely runs on how you adjust the settings in the app. It can send you a shock if you fail to succeed at your diet, at your gym or just when you are spending too much time on your phone. It all depends on what settings you make on the bracelet.

Image Credits: ABC news

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Now, I am not sure how well this will work, or how long someone can continue taking the shock, but this sure is tempting. Many will argue that this will have side effects or it can harm us in some say, that could be true, you guys.

Price & Purchase

Ah, so how much would it cost you to get shocked into good behaviour? A whopping Rs 18,877! Mummy toh yeh free mein karti hai. If you think the Pavlov bracelet is worth it, you can buy it here.

PS: Here’s some temptation for you, before you go buy that bracelet.

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