Rent Tony Stark’s Avengers Endgame Cabin on Airbnb

by Mrunal Mahajan
Rent Tony Stark’s Avengers Endgame Cabin on Airbnb

Who doesn’t like Avengers and the latest Endgame movie left me in tears, there were so many things I was feeling and one of which was pure happiness. This how you bid adieu to your fans, this is how you leave them mesmerized. I will always remember the day, 26 April 2019 to be one of the happiest days of my life. I just wanted to be there when Tony took his last breath, be there and say Thankyou! And after I got to know that the cabin he lived in is on Airbnb, I was just all over the place! Yes, you can live at the lakeside cabin, how bizarre yet amazing is that?

Image Credits: Hypebeast

This might just be the closest we can get to the Avengers home. You can now rent Tony Stark’s Airbnb cabin which just is 30 minutes from Atlanta. Initially, Airbnb did not list this cabin as Tony Stark’s Cabin but it was later confirmed that it is the same cabin where he happily lived with Pepper Potts and their adorable daughter Morgan. We all know how peaceful he was living in that place and you can right now book it and experience that too!

Image Credits: Indie Wire

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This news just blew the internet, when people actually started booking the place on Airbnb, they hiked the prices to $800 which is ₹ 55,524 per night for 6 people. The lakeside cabin is a perfect way to spend your vacation with your friends. Here is the link for booking this Airbnb cabin they also describe it as an iconic cabin where you can feel at home, go for a retreat with your team! I say if you are a die-hard Marvel fan, this is one opportunity you shouldn’t let go.

Image Credits: Movie Web

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Though I must warn you that you will be waiting for a long time, the place has been booked completely booked for the month of June and July. I wasn’t surprised. Who wouldn’t want to go there? The available dates are in the month of August, so grab your passports, plan this crazy trip and live at the iconic cabin Tony Stark lived in!