Pay ₹2 Lakh Now For One-Way Flight Ticket From Russia To India

by Sanmita A
Pay ₹2 Lakh Now For One-Way Flight Ticket From Russia To India

Russian President Vladamir Putin announced mobilisation in the country. As we know, any political or global situation affects the economy globally. Once again the aviation sector has seen the effect, and the airfares from Russia to India have shot up a great deal. Indians in Russia are seeing a sharp rise in flight prices from Russia to India. As per media reports, panic has risen within the country and people are wanting to fly out of Russia.

Here’s Why People Are Booking Flights From Russia To India?

People in Russia are fearing an emergency that the martial law might come into effect. The enactment of martial law in the country happens in a state of emergency when the country’s military force takes over civilian rule. After the mobilisation call, there has been a steep rise in ticket prices from out of Russia. As per sources, all tickets have sold out. And, Indians who are looking at flying back to India might have to pay a whopping ₹2 Lakh for a one-way ticket.

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Tickets To India’s Metro Cities Shoot Up

After Putin’s partial mobilisation call, as per a report by Reuters, the searches for flight prices from Russia had increased. Multiple media channels have also reported that most of the flights departing Russia are mostly sold out. And, a typical flight from the Moscow international airport to India’s major cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru is showing around ₹2.5 Lakh.

Before this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with Russian President Putin at SCO Summit in Samarkand. During the summit, Modi also told ‘now is not the time for war.’

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