Pay Dh800 Fine For Using Phone, Fixing Makeup While Driving In UAE

by Ishita Agarwal
Pay Dh800 Fine For Using Phone, Fixing Makeup While Driving In UAE

The Abu Dhabi Police has warned motorists about the dangers of engaging in driving activities that might cause major road accidents in the UAE. Some of these routines include eating, applying makeup for ladies, and utilising a cell phone (talking, texting, and surfing the Internet). Pay Dh800 Fine For Using Phone, Fixing Makeup While Driving In UAE. 

Rules To Ensure The Safety of The People On Road 

To ensure their safety and the safety of other road users, the police issued a warning to drivers advising them to break their bad driving habits. Traffic officials claim that many road incidents result from drivers’ irresponsibility and lack of focus. Moreover, mainly when they use their phones to make phone calls, check social media, or record videos.

In the first half of 2022, according to police reports, 105,300 drivers in Abu Dhabi received fines for using their phones while driving.

Traffic authorities claim that drivers who use their phones while operating a vehicle get distracted, which may result in abrupt lane changes, exceeding the posted speed limit (particularly on highways), and even running red lights due to a lack of focus. 


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Mobile Phones Are The Major Reason For The Accidents 

According to a Ministry of Interior online poll, using a phone while driving was the main reason for the accidents.

71.4 per cent of survey participants said using a phone while driving was the biggest distraction. According to traffic authorities, drivers in the UAE committed 88,619 mobile phone infractions amounting to an average of 243 offences each day.

In 438 collisions, according to 2018 research, distracted driving claimed the lives of 59 individuals. Texting, taking pictures, eating, and even wearing cosmetics while driving are all prohibited under traffic legislation. 

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