People In This Village In Karnataka Have Names Like Elizabeth, Shah Rukh, Google, High Court And More

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
People In This Village In Karnataka Have Names Like Elizabeth, Shah Rukh, Google, High Court And More

You must have attended many naming ceremonies in your family. A naming ceremony in India is a big and important function. Choosing a name for a child is not an easy task; the chosen name must suit the child and their personality after they grow up. There are so many people who have common names, but how about I introduce you to a village in Karnataka where people have names like Google, SRK, and more?

People In This Village In Karnataka Have Unusual Names

The people in Bhadrapur village, located in the north of Karnataka, have a bizarre ritual of naming  children with the most unusual yet renowned names like Google, Elizabeth, Shah Rukh, Amitabh, High Court, and more. This bizarre ritual was started by a tribal community called Hakki Pikki. 

They started this unusual ritual about 15 years ago. The people of this community lived in the forests and started this ritual. However, the government relocated them to urban areas like Bhadrapur, close to Bengaluru, as a result of strict hunting laws and other associated practises put in place by the forest department during the 1970s. They name their children after random objects, famous names, and personalities. 

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A Story Behind Every Name

It looks like the people in this community have taken Shakespeare’s dialogue “What’s in a name?” way too seriously. But though these names are unusual, bizarre, and funny, every name has a story behind it. 

When these people from the tribal community of Karnataka were asked about the same, they said that naming a child has multiple factors taken into consideration. Places they have visited recently, food stuff that they have tasted and loved, favourite celebrities, and more. 

This is not the only strange ritual that is followed by the people of Hakki Pikki. Another ritual that they follow and that is very strange is that dowry is given by the groom’s family to the bride. If you are not shocked enough, the people here can speak about 14 dialects.  

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