Pickle Is The Latest Food Craze In America And Here’s Why

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Pickle Is The Latest Food Craze In America And Here’s Why

For Indians, Pickles are more than just a thick sauce that is served with many dishes. It’s an emotion for sure. Many people might have their childhood memories of pickles like their grandmothers making it and storing it in ceramic jars. The latest trend in America is the pickle craze. Yes, though it sounds strange but people here are actually loving everything pickled. From pickled pizza to pickled burger to chips and dips, Americans are loving it. 

Americans Are Loving Everything Pickled

Pickles, which are essentially fruits or vegetables that have been fermented in a solution with a high acid concentration that includes oils, lemon, vinegar, or brine, make for some delectable side dishes. As weird as it may sound, Americans love anything pickled, including pickled chips, dips, and juices, as well as pickled burgers, pizza, and falafel. In ancient times, in order to preserve food people made them into pickles and now it has become a culinary art. Pickles are often linked with the cucumber in the United States, but they can be made from any fruit or vegetable that has been preserved in an acidic liquid or brine. Because fat, umami, salt, something creamy, and frequently something sweet are the key flavours in most main courses, pickles go well with a wide variety of foods.

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Pickles Are More Than Just Side Dish

Pickles increase the shelf life of a food product. It also provides the dish balance by adding acidity and crunch. Burger King may appear happy to hold the pickle upon request, but from a sensory standpoint, a burger with a pickle is superior. According to reports, pickled foods are rich in proteins, vitamins, and dietary fibres. Pickles made from coloured fruits and vegetables contain carotenoids, flavonoids, and anthocyanins, which are powerful antioxidants that help the body combat free radicals. Americans are loving it with everything and anything. 

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