Plane Carrying Arsenal Women Team Burst Into Flames On Runway; No Casualties

by Shreya Rathod
Plane Carrying Arsenal Women Team Burst Into Flames On Runway; No Casualties

Aircraft fires are rare but can cause a lot of damage. This can happen due to bird strikes, overheated equipment, electric failures and so on. A similar aircraft fire incident took place on the plane that was supposed to take the Arsenal women’s team back to London after their semi-final match in Germany. Here are the details of the aircraft fire incident that was supposedly caused by a bird strike.

Plane Caught Fire In Germany

plane fire
Credits: Canva (Rep Img)

A tragic incident took place with the Arsenal women’s team on Sunday. The team was returning after their Champions League semi-final match against Wolfsburg. They were set to fly back to London from the Braunschweig Wolfsburg Airport in Germany. However, before the take-off, the plane caught fire on the runway! It was a Boeing 737.

According to some reports, the plane caught fire due to a bird strike. There was a loud bang and flames were emitted from the plane. After this, pilots were forced to halt the take-off and evacuate passengers. Fortunately, there were no casualties and everyone, including the women’s team, was made to stay at a hotel in Germany.

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Arsenal Team’s Statement

plane fire
Credits: Canva (Rep Img)

After the team returned home safely, they released a statement. It stated that the aircraft had a technical issue. Therefore, their Sunday flight was rescheduled to Monday. In addition to this, they thanked the staff onboard the aircraft and on the ground at the airport for their assistance.

In a related instance, an American Airlines plane was reportedly forced to land in Ohio on Sunday after a bird hit started an engine fire. The aircraft was seen returning to Columbus’ John Glenn International Airport while smoke and flames were visible coming from the right engine.

Similarly, an aircraft returning to Dubai from Kathmandu experienced a bird strike during the take-off. However, it returned to the UAE. After landing, the aircraft was inspected thoroughly to ensure no damage had occurred.

There are multiple reasons for an aircraft fire. However, timely maintenance and servicing would be a step in the right direction to avoid such fire incidents.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Canva (Rep Img)