Poland Gets The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool With Underwater Rooms & Glass Tunnels

by Sanjana Shenoy 2535

If you love to swim and soak yourself in water, then you better head to Poland. Why, you ask? Poland recently got the world’s deepest swimming pool, DeepSpot, which is 150 feet deep! Yes, you heard us, right! Better yet, this pool is now officially open for visitors. The deepest diving pool in the world has underwater rooms, glass tunnels for viewers and what not. So, if you dare to dive here, then read on.

World’s Deepest Swimming Pool In Poland Has Depth Of 150 Feet

Located in the Polish town of Mszczonow, near Warsaw, DeepSpot is the world’s deepest swimming pool with a depth of 150 feet. This pool is 5 meters deeper than the previous deepest dive pool and is filled with 8000 cubic meters of water, which is 20 times more than the amount in an ordinary 25-meter pool. May you wonder about COVID restrictions, right? The good news is that is pool can accommodate people despite COVID-19 limits, as it will be used as a training centre which offers diver courses.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ DeepSpot

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Poland Diving Pool Has Underwater Tunnel & Training Centres

According to reports, DeepSpot also offers a hotel with rooms allowing guests to watch a hotel with rooms allowing guests to enjoy divers at a depth of 5 meters. Referring to this, DeepSpot Director Michal Braszczynski stated to media agencies that the fire brigade and the army would also use the pool. He added that there will be many scenarios for training and that they will be testing different equipment.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ DeepSpot

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Divers can explore other environments, including a small shipwreck and simulated Mayan ruins. There is an underwater tunnel for viewers, surrounded by divers suspended in a significant volume of water. This complex offers a collection of alternative programming, including conference and training rooms as well. According to TOI,  Przemyslaw Kacprzak, a 39-year-old diving instructor, stated that it would not substitute a sea with no coral reefs but is an excellent place to learn and train about safety. Meanwhile, here’s how you can make the swimming pool your yoga mat with Aqua Yoga.