Prabhas Had 8 Meals A Day To Weigh 100 Kgs For Bahubali

by Suchismita Pal 498

Before nailing a role to perfection in a movie, the actors undergo a lot of emotional and physical transformation. Dedicated actors go the extra mile to get into the character of the roles. Such is superstar Prabhas. His role as Amarendra Baahubali earned him nationwide fame. But did you know, before making his on-screen presence as Baahubali, he had to weigh around 100 kgs? He had to build up a muscular physique to portray the role of the superhero. Thus, apart from hitting the gym, the actor was also having 8 meals in a day.

Prabhas Would Consume Cheese And Mutton As Part Of His Diet

Prabhas had to double the number of meals per day so that he could get the body of Baahubali. According to Free Press Journal, his trainer Laxman Reddy has revealed that he was consuming 8 meals per day to build that body. His meals comprised cheese and mutton. The team had also gifted him gym equipment worth ₹1.5 crores to prepare for the role. He would engage in bench press, deadlifts and other forms of exercises.

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His Diet Was Different For Playing Bahubali’s Son

For playing Bahubali’s son’s character, the fitness regime was different. He was supposed to look slimmer. For this role, he would take 6 meals a day comprising egg whites, fish, almonds and vegetables. As told by Reddy, Prabhas would never skip exercising, not even for a day. He would start working out in the middle of the night, if necessary. But he had really worked with his heart and soul on his body, acting and everything else to create magic with his role on screen. His undaunting efforts beautifully brought the characters of both Bahubali and his son to life.

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This story is meant to be an inspirational piece. Before making any massive changes in diet, it is advisable to consult a dietician. Diets for different people can vary depending on their body types and health conditions.