Private Island In Ireland Sold For ₹47 Crores; Purchase Made Based On Video Footage

by Suchismita Pal
Private Island In Ireland Sold For ₹47 Crores; Purchase Made Based On Video Footage

Online shopping has gained popularity amid the pandemic, both for essential and non-essential goods. As going to the malls and supermarkets is not very safe now, most people are ordering groceries, clothes, electronics, beauty products and more from their homes with the aid of the internet. And then comes the story of the European man who turned online during lockdown to buy an island off the Irish coast. He purchased the island costing ₹47 crores simply by seeing a video footage. Read on to know the details.

European Man Buys Private Island Off Irish Coast With Three Beaches And Seven Houses

The Horse Island, spread across a sprawling expanse of 64 hectares in the Roaringwater Bay, is a portion of a pastoral Atlantic region. The private island has a total of seven houses which includes the main home with six bedrooms. Also, there is a helipad, a tennis court, a gym, a pier, and a “shipwreck playhouse”. Apart from these, the region has its own sewage and electricity systems. The spectacular island, with farming pastures, three beaches and stunning vistas is a place to enjoy tranquillity at its best.

Private Island Ireland
Picture Credits: Daft

As per reports, in the Victorian era, the island comprised a copper mine and it was inhabited by around 137 people. Gert Kölbel had revamped the region in the 1980s. Deborah and Adrian Fitzgibbon bought the island in 2007 and upgraded it. It was put on sale in 2018 for ₹57 crores. The price was reduced earlier this year.

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Owner Fell In Love With The Scenery: CEO, Montague Real Estate

According to The Guardian, Thomas Balashev, the CEO of Montague Real Estate, who mediated the deal, said, “The owner fell in love with the scenery. He specifically wanted an island in the British Isles with the kind of scenery Horse Island has to offer. He hadn’t visited the island prior to the purchase but had seen all the scenery and amenities via video.”

Private Island Ireland
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