Pune Bus Stop Gets Stolen; ₹5000 Announced As Reward For Finding It

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1213

There are some crazy things that just happen in India. While memes, and jokes bring a smile on our faces this gloomy season. Here’s something that will leave you laughing out loud. And let’s tell you it’s funnier than fiction because this is reality and how! An entire bus stop in Pune was stolen, probably in the middle of the night. Officials put out a poster announcing a reward of ₹5000 in cash for the person who finds this bus stop. Read on to know more about this crazy story.

Stolen Pune Bus Stop Attracts Reward Of  ₹5000 In Cash

You might have heard about people stealing buses. But have you ever heard of an entire bus stop getting stolen, vanishing in the middle of the night? Well, recently a bus stop in front of BT Kavde Devaki Police Station in Pune got stolen. Prashant Mhaske, a local leader put out a poster translated as “The bus stop in front of BT Kavde Devaki Police Station is stolen. If anyone finds it or has any information about it, please connect with us. And you will be awarded by ₹5,000 in cash.”

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This image of the stolen bus and reward poster went viral on social media. One Reddit user revealed “So I asked a couple of street vendors about it. They said nothing like this happened in daylight. Although they are not sure who took it. Point being there was a bus stop there earlier and someone definitely “stole” it. It could be Pune Mahanagar Parivahan.”

Picture Credits: Reddit

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People Speculate Thieves Stole The Pune Bus Stop To Sell Parts Of It As Scrap Metal

This stolen bus incident has left people perplexed and in chuckles of laughter. Some people speculate that thieves might have stolen the bus stop to sell parts of it as scrap metal. And this can fetch thieves a good amount of money. Another Twitter user stated, “8 months back same way opposite Mount Carmel Convent School Lullanagar, happened.” Well, Punekars, we do hope you get your stolen bus stop back. Meanwhile, watch this video to know about the world’s first bus to take you all the way from India to London. 


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