Pune Gets Unique Therapy Centre Where Animals Help Humans Deal With Covid-19 Loss

Swakaya pune
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1516

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic has left many of us battling feelings of grief, uncertainty and loss of hope. In order to help people cope with these feelings, Pune has launched its first therapy centre where animals can help humans deal with Covid-19 loss. Lipi Khemka has opened Swakaya, a holistic healing and wellness centre. Patients will receive healing solutions with the help of trained therapy animals. Here’s everything you need to know about Pune’s first animal assisted-therapy centre.

Swakaya In Pune Provides Animal Therapy Sessions For People Of All Ages

Lipi Khemka, founder-director at Swakaya revealed to The Indian Express that animal-assisted therapy is a globally recognised method. This involves spending time with an animal during a therapy session. She added that the awareness in India about this is low, but the results are exceptionally positive. Khemka also spoke about her personal experience when a cat came into her family, bonded with everyone and diminished their challenges. Lipi Khemka wonders if a regular cat can do this much, then a therapy animal can help people more. In an interview with Punekar News, she also said that interacting with a friendly pet can help physical and mental issues, reduce blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health.

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Swakaya pune

Picture Credits: The Indian Express

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Trained Dogs, Cats & Rabbits To Help With Therapy

The 7,500 square feet premises of Swakaya houses 8 rabbits, 10 therapy cats and 7 visiting therapy dogs. The animal therapy facility, situated at Boat Club Road has tied up with Animal Angels Foundation and they have 7 counsellors on board. These treatments can be given to people of all age groups, children, teenagers and senior citizens. The sessions start from ₹400 per hour. The pets will be cared for by in-house vets and therapists. In the future, Swakaya will also introduce hamsters and guinea pigs for younger kids. The therapy centre also has a reading room, a cat patio and closed spaces for meditative and therapeutic activities.

Swakaya pune

Picture Credits: The Indian Express

It’s truly therapeutic to be amidst nature and interact with animals. Meanwhile, here’s a fun video about India’s biggest cat influencer who has travelled to 8 states in India. 

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