PVR Throws Open Its Oldest Cinema Property In New Delhi After A Luxurious Renovation

by Suchismita Pal
PVR Throws Open Its Oldest Cinema Property In New Delhi After A Luxurious Renovation

The oldest movie property of PVR Cinemas in New Delhi, PVR Priya underwent a facelift with giant screens, laser technology, improved sound and much more. PVR Priya was established in 1978 and is located in New Delhi’s Vasant Vihar. Now, the cinema chain has converted its oldest building into a luxurious P[XL] property. The renovation has been done by partnering with Cinionic Cinema Technologies and Services. The heritage property has been thrown open to the public now for a redefined cinema experience.

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PVR Priya Now Has India’s First CGS-Powered Premium Screen

According to the Cinionic website, the renovated PVR Priya houses the ‘first CGS-powered premium screen in India’. CGS here refers to Cinionic Giant Screen and the P[XL] auditorium now has a 62-feet giant screen with laser projection. The set-up will ensure brilliant video quality and the sound has been upgraded as well for a highly immersive movie experience. Gautam Dutta, the CEO, PVR Limited, stated, “With the experience now powered by CGS, the first in India at our iconic property, Priya and along with the best-in-class sound, screen, and 3D technologies, we’ve created a unique and differentiated format. It sets a new benchmark in truly magnificent, larger than life and immersive movie presentation for viewers in India.”

PVR Oldest Cinema Property

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PVR To Redevelop Vasant Vihar’s Basant Lok Complex

The multiplex chain is also aiming to redevelop the surrounding Basant Lok complex in Vasant Vihar by collaborating with Future Institute and local municipal authorities.  The initiative called ‘Urban Placemaking’ will restore the lost glory of the bustling public place. The transformed P[XL] is spread across an area of 14,756 square feet. It can fit in 316 audiences.