Qatar To Grant Family Visa To These 9 Countries As Part Of Project’s First Phase. Details Inside!

by Deeplata Garde
Qatar To Grant Family Visa To These 9 Countries As Part Of Project’s First Phase. Details Inside!

Qatar tourism board is doing everything to attract visitors on a large scale post the FIFA Tournament that made thousands of people flock to the nation. The Qatar government on the other hand is allowing visa centres to make the process easy and speedy. Qatar visa centres seem to offer workers’ visas with enhanced procedures and soon many other types of visas would be available as well. Check the deets below.

Qatar Visa Center To Grant Family & Other Type Of Visa

Currently, QVCs only offer services for work visas. However, very soon, these centres will operate across several nations. They are set to offer services for family visit visas, multiple entrance visas, and family residence visas. All this information has been confirmed by the official resources of the region.

A virtual seminar on the offerings of the Qatar Visa Centre for the Public was organised by the Ministry of Interior (MoI). According to the representatives who spoke during the webinar, MoI consistently monitors economic and urban changes in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. The ministry examines every aspect well in advance of hosting several international and regional events.

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Which Countries Would Be Covered Under The First Phase

According to Captain Al Numaani, the project’s initial phase would include nine nations. Qatar Visa Center is currently operating in six of them namely, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Philippines. Indonesia, Tunisia, and Kenya make up the final three nations in the coming months. Why these specific nations though? Well, the ministry carefully chooses these nations in the first phase because a majority of the labour force (67%) hails from them.

The officials made a note about the operational and structural operations at QVCs. Let’s understand the process.

  1. The registration phase is completed when the applicant’s data has been checked.
  2. Metrash2 should be used to submit a request for visiting the visa centre.
  3. The expatriate’s employment contract is examined in their native tongue as part of the second procedure.

But what led to the decision of using regional language in this application? Well according to the ministry, the use of regional language will ease up the process for workers and further concerns and confusion can be resolved easily.

Let’s wait for further updates regarding this visa!

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