7 Quirkiest Snacks You Can Try Only In Delhi NCR

by Suchismita Pal
7 Quirkiest Snacks You Can Try Only In Delhi NCR

Without a doubt, Delhi is the master of quirky dishes. Doing the right experiments and rolling out insanely crowd-pulling food options is something Delhi has been doing for ages. And why not? After all, Delhiites are die-hard foodies in every bit. Also, the city has some absolutely unique snacks that you won’t be finding anywhere else, we bet. Here are 7 such snack options:

1. Skull Vada Pav

Ever had a vada pav where the pav is shaped like a skull?  Inferno Brewpub in Gurgaon makes the Devilled Pav Bhaji dish that looks spookily delicious. The dish contains two skull-shaped pavs and a zesty curry served in a skeleton hand gripped bowl. Yes, at this pub, you can gobble up an entire skull and burp!


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2. Crunchwich

Bored with sandwiches? How about biting on a cheesy crunchwich instead? The Tummy Section serves this snack at its different outlets in Delhi NCR. In crunchwich, not normal milk or brown bread slices, but pieces kulcha bread coated with crunchies are used. At The Tummy Section, you can try Paneer Ramly Crunchwich, Chicken Ramly Crunchwich, Veg Shawario Crunchwich, Chicken Shawario Crunchwich and more.


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3. Cocktail Momo

This momo is utterly true to its name. These oregano garnished momos have a ‘cocktail’ of secret spices inside them and they taste way different from typical fried momos. The momos, available at Mahavir Enclave’s hidden gem GoFungry, can give a burst of flavours inside your mouth.

Quirkiest Snacks Delhi NCR

4. Potli Noodles

Not potli biryani, but Kuch Bhi Chalega in Janakpuri serves potli noodles. These noodles come wrapped in a delish potli that has to be cut with a knife. The potli like bag enhances rich taste and aroma of the noodles.The noodles are slow-cooked in the chapati dough potli.


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5. Momo Pav

Do you love momos? And you relish vada pav too? Rejoice, as we’ve found a dish called momo pav for you. KBC cafe in Janakpuri makes this wonderful dish. Crunchy momos and stuffed inside tender pavs and topped with green chilli. Sounds drool-worthy, right?


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6. Butter Chicken Gravy Momos

Tried and tasted, these momos tossed in rich butter chicken are so amazing that they can give a rollercoaster ride to your taste buds. Trippy Junction in Dwarka makes these momos and tops them with luscious cream. The subtle spices of this momo will satiate the foodie in you to the core.


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7. Volcano Pasta

This snack not only tastes heavenly but looks gorgeous too. The baked cheese-loaded pasta comes inside a pizza base pot, the fiery topping of which resembles the lava of a volcano. Housefull Cafe Lounge in GTB Nagar makes this mind-boggling dish.


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Do you have more options in mind? Let us know in the comments section below.