Radhika Apte Lists Down The Iconic Places In Kolkata To Try Phuchka, Chinese Food And More | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
Radhika Apte Lists Down The Iconic Places In Kolkata To Try Phuchka, Chinese Food And More | Curly Tales

Bengalis have a dear connection with food and who doesn’t love Kolkata’s food, right? From roshogolla to phuchka to street-style Chinese food, Kolkata surely has some of the best foods to offer. Well, our guest in this ‘Sunday Brunch X The Bombay Journey’ episode is a huge foodie, and she loves Kolkata foods too. And our guest is none other than everyone’s favourite Radhika Apte. She has a lot of recommendations for the best places in the City of Joy. And to know that, read the story.

Radhika Apte Loves Phuchka From This Kolkata Street Food!

Radhika’s love for Kolkata food was very much visible in the interview. ‘Khaana itna khaya na wahape (I ate so much there). I was eating like a monster.’ She also shared, ‘There was a man who sat outside Mocambo selling phuchkas.’ Now that you know the address of Radhika’s favourite phuchka place in Kolkata, when are you visiting here?

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Roshogolla Was Radhika’s Breakfast

When Kamiya asked her if she liked phuchkas of Kolkata, she shared, ‘In the morning I used to eat rasgulla. Puchka I used to eat from a stall outside Mocambo.’ Radhika Apte declared her love for Kolkata’s iconic Chinese food on the show as well. It is now quite evident that Radhika is a major foodie and she truly lives to eat! She mentioned that she enjoyed eating Chinese dishes in Eau Chew. Did you know that Eau Chew is actually the oldest family-run Chinese restaurant in India? They are serving Chinese dishes to the crowd since the 1920s. Achumpa Huang started the restaurant after shifting to the city from China. The journey started as a tiffin house for Chinese immigrants and now Eau Chew is popular all around.

Photo credit- Wikimedia Commons

Did You Know Radhika Apte Is Not Religious?

She shared, ‘I am not religious at all. At home, we do Ganpati celebrations and I do it because I love modak. In school also, we used to be very against submerging the idol in water. So we eat in these celebrations.’ Radhika’s Diwali used to be quite big at home. She never burnt firecrackers to celebrate the festival. Diwali for her and her family was all about eating food and meeting friends. This is surely a great Diwali plan.

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Radhika opens up about her non-religious side, Christmas celebrations at her in-laws in North England, and a lot more in this exciting interview. If you are a Radhika Apte fan, you will surely love to watch this interview.