Rat’s Head Found In Vegetarian Dish Ordered From Tamil Nadu Restaurant. Ewww

by Sanmita A
Rat’s Head Found In Vegetarian Dish Ordered From Tamil Nadu Restaurant. Ewww

A family in Tamil Nadu claimed they received a rat’s head in one of the food parcels they had ordered from a restaurant. The incident occurred on September 11, following which the family charged the restaurant for their blunder. R Murali, a resident of Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu’s Arani, went through this horrific experience and even filed a complaint with the Arani police station. Read on to know what went down –

Man Receives Rat’s Head After Ordering Veg Food From A Tamil Nadu Restaurant

Murali had ordered 35 parcels of vegetarian food from a restaurant, Shri Balaji Bhavan, for a home event. During the event, as per media reports, Murali’s guest found a piece of meat in one of the food packets. On examining it further, Murali claimed it was a rat’s head packed along with the food. Immediately, Murali headed to the restaurant and reported the incident to the restaurant management.

Both the parties got into a minor brawl, after which the Arani Police had to take charge of the situation.

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Complaint Filed Against Restaurant For Allegedly Serving Contaminated Food

Following the incident, the Arani Police had to intervene and send the food parcels for further investigation to the Food Safety Office in Thiruvannamalai. Murali also went ahead and filed an official complaint with the Arani police station against the Shri Balaji Bhavan. The restaurant, however, put out their side of the story claiming that the packaged food was delivered to Mural’s residence, six hours prior to lunch being served. The management denied the allegations put up by Mr Murali and questioned him back.

However, the police has launched a thorough investigation on the matter.

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