Udaipur World Music Festival To See 150 Artists, 20 Countries, 50,000 Attendees In February 2020!

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by Vidisha Khaitan 1499

Udaipur is among India’s most beautiful destinations. The city comes alive in the winter with tourists all around, wedding fever and mystical fog making everyone feel the magic. Udaipur’s hospitality industry is famous as the best in the world. Imagine attending one of India’s most celebrated music festivals in the backdrop of all this grandiose. Udaipur World Music Festival is not just music. Over 50,000 people from all over drop everything and head out here for the experience of a lifetime. If anyone can organize a world class event at this scale, it’s Udaipur.

What Is It?

Over a 150 artists, 20 countries, one platform, talk about globalisation! Phew. The fifth edition of this magnanimous music fest is going to be bigger and better, as things go with each year. Crowd is swelling, artists are creating and we’re at the edge of our seats. Grammy Award winners and folk singers play at the same stage; this is a platform like no other.

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There will be multiple venues for this city-wide music festival. Ambrai Ghat, Fateh Sagar Pal and Gandhi Ground will be the prime venues this year. The music must never stop. People might take a break, but sound never tires, nor shall the energy. The festival will begin at 8 AM with ragas by Ravi Joshi and Kurdish music from Mico Kendes. Cultural exchange will inaugurate Udaipur World Music Festival and the spirit will carry on until we are truly ‘one world’.

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What’s More?

You can start your mornings with a relaxing meditative mode settled in with music for enlightenment. Afternoons will be romantic affairs before the evening kicks in massive ragers. One thing’s for certain and that is non-stop music from dawn to way after dusk. Big names like Ankur Tiwari will be sharply balanced by indie favourites like When Chai Met Toast. Mame Khan will compliment Rajasthani tradition with his tunes and Ghalat Family will bring a whole other mood to the table. Much loved Swiss band Schnellertollermeier is one of the many avenues to discover and fall for.

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music festival

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The Udaipur World Music Festival 2020 will steal hearts and keep a piece of them forever. In return, you’ll take back a piece of the ‘one world’ taking up more space than what you left behind. Take a long weekend and make sure you’re sorted before all the best accommodations are gone. Egypt, Iran, Portugal, France, Italy, and India are all coming; are you?

When is it: 7 – 9, February 2020

Where is it: Udaipur

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