Bunkyard Hostel In Udaipur Wraps Music Themed Rooms, Free Chai And Boozy Rooftop Parties @ ₹400!

udaipur hostel
by Vidisha Khaitan

Plan your next vacation in music-themed rooms and royal domes. Bunkyard Hostel in Udaipur is a traveller’s paradise. They offer a mix of everything you imagine your Udaipur trip to be and wrap up royalty in ₹400. Hostels are the best way to fly solo in a new place where everything and everyone is fascinating. They also have dorm rooms for group stays or for social solo wanderers. If you’re looking for great hostel experiences in India, check out this one in Leh!

What is it

Music themed dorms and rooms in Udaipur hostel add a unique flavour to vacations. They’re based on different genres like rock, jazz and flamenco! It’s a great way to soak in the culture. Legends will be playing in every room, so one thing you don’t have to carry with you are speakers. The second-best thing about this hostel is its location. The view of lakes and mountains will colour your skies if you pick this place. Sunsets are mesmerising; when royal domes turn orange next to the low-rise ball of fire, you will want to immortalise the experience forever. Well, that’s what cameras are for! The location is convenient too, with major attractions and historical monuments close by. Lake Pichola is right next to the property if one beautiful sunset point isn’t enough for your wanderlust.

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udaipur hostel

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What’s more

They organize boozy cruises and rooftop parties! When you come back to your bed after a long day of exploring, you won’t have to look far for a beer. Party in your pajamas right where you’re staying. When the time comes to pass out, you can. The next morning you can start over with an in-house yoga session in this beautiful Udaipur hostel. Isn’t that the best hangover cure ever? A Luxury Hostel Stay At Moustache Hostel, Udaipur is another great place in a budget!

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The best is yet to come: they host bonding sessions over free chai around sunset on the terrace! Bunkyard Hostel has won our hearts. Their royal printed couches look sharp against modern graffiti on the walls. The ceilings are covered in green hangings and music fills the dorms. We have nothing left to ask for from this Udaipur hostel because they even nailed the grub. Our food and travel needs are maxed out. If you want to go, you’ll have to beat us to it!

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