5 Reasons Why Maldives Can Be The Best Place To Travel Amid COVID Scare

by Tania Tarafdar
5 Reasons Why Maldives Can Be The Best Place To Travel Amid COVID Scare

While travelling is still a slippery slope with the global pandemic, there cannot be a better time to visit the Maldives. Sure it is those few countries which have opened its borders for international tourists, but it is also one of the safest places to be right now. So, if you have been pondering upon whether to visit or not to visit the Maldives, these reasons will help you make a decision. Read on:

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1. Maldives Has Very Few COVID Cases

All of us right now wish to escape to a place that has zero coronavirus cases. But while the outbreak has even reached Antarctica now, Maldives can be safer than your apartment building. The country has very few cases, but it is taking strict measures to ensure no infected outsider enters the country. You will need a COVID negative report to enter the Maldives and fly out of the Maldives. Yes, all travellers need to provide a COVID negative certificate with a test done upto 72 hours before departure. While you are at the resort, you will need to do another test a few days before flying back. So, when you are in the Maldives, you are safe.

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2. You, Will, Be Isolated In An Island

The beautiful island resort has a genius concept of one-island, one-resort, which means that you will be confined to one island. You do not have to travel to enjoy all the water sports, and beaches. You will get all of it on your island resort. From a beach-front spa experience to delicious meals, you can enjoy all of it without coming in contact with other travellers. Planning A Trip To The Maldives? 6 Budget Overwater Villas To Book Starting From ₹12,000.

3. Maldives Has A Hassle-Free Visa On Arrival

One of the best parts about travelling to the Maldives is that they grant visa on arrival for all nationalities. This means that you do not need a pre-approved visa and travel as per your convenience, even on short notice. However, there are specific COVID protocols which you must clear upon arrival. If this is not a reason enough to jump on a flight to the Maldives, what is?

4. The Resorts Are Cheaper Than Normal

To lure back tourists, Maldives is offering unbelievable deals on its stays. Go to any popular Maldives resort website, and you will find deals and offers. There are exclusive offers on the ocean villas with endless tropical views that can otherwise cost you a bomb if you travel during regular times. For instance, the Reethi Rah resort in the Maldives offers a one-month remote work and stay deal.

5. The Maldives Has The Perfect Weather Right Now

Apart from the pristine white beaches, and aquamarine ocean, December to April is the perfect time to visit the paradise island. The average temperature ranges between 29°C to 31°C during these months, making it the ideal beach destination. You can enjoy the sun in its golden glory without being scorched out in the heat.

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