Report Reveals 63% Of Employees In Pune Are Working From Home Amid COVID-19

by Sanjana Shenoy
Report Reveals 63% Of Employees In Pune Are Working From Home Amid COVID-19

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Social distancing is the need of the hour amidst the coronavirus pandemic. With the entire nation on a 21-day lockdown, Prime Minister Modi has himself urged citizens to work from home and avoid venturing out to contain the spread of the virus. Now, as per a report by an office commute platform, MoveInSync there has been a significant decrease in commute across India. As of 20th March 2020, over 52% of people across 6 major Indian cities are actually working from home. Work from Home is the new mantra!

What’s In It?

The COVID-19 breakout in India has led to more than 500 positive cases and 8 deaths in the country. In times like this citizens are home quarantined and have been maintaining social distancing to keep themselves and their families safe from the virus. The report by MoveInSync revealed that Pune is the city with the most amount of people working from home, as 63% of people from this city are not commuting for their work anymore. This is followed by Bangalore, which has an impressive rate of 61%.

Mumbai has come in third, where 58% of the entire workforce are working from home. Chennai has come fourth with 54%, Hyderabad 41% of people working from home and Delhi NCR has come in 6th with 39% of people not commuting to their work. This report has further stated that 52% of employees from 6 major Indian cities have opted for work from home as of 20th March 2020. This data has been collated by analysing 25 lakh cab trips clocked per month by MoveInSync. However, this percentage might have skyrocketed right now as the government has stopped people from stepping out of their homes and put the country on a nationwide lockdown for 21 days.

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What’s More?

Several cab drivers over the past week have expressed their concerns about not getting sufficient riders to complete their daily quotas. This gave the office commute platform an idea about the number of people working from home. But if you truly think about the number of people working from home, especially after this lockdown, the number will surely be astonishing. The COVID-19 pandemic which originated in China’s Wuhan has claimed the lives of over 14,000 people and infected 3 lakh people worldwide. With 1.3 billion people in India put on a 21-day lockdown, we hope that that this would the country to truly contain the virus and stop its rapid spread. But till then we urge you all to work from home if possible and keep yourself safe. Here are 7 Positive Things Amidst COVID-19 Outbreak That Prove That The Earth Is Healing