Getting Vaccinated? 6 Rules You Must Follow To Avoid Contracting COVID At The Vaccination Centre

by Tania Tarafdar
Getting Vaccinated? 6 Rules You Must Follow To Avoid Contracting COVID At The Vaccination Centre

While the centre is struggling to tackle the mounting cases of coronavirus in the country, those of us at home are struggling to get a vaccine appointment. That said, it can be a real challenge to inoculate a densely populated country like India. Therefore, it may not be surprising to find crowded vaccination centres as more of us try to get the vaccine at the earliest. And while the jabs are necessary we might also expose ourselves to the virus at the vaccination centres. Follow these rules to ensure that you get just the vaccine and not the virus.

1. Double Mask Or Wear An N95 Mask

Doctors are now prescribing double masking to contain the spread of the mutant variants. The right way of double masking is to wear a surgical mask and then layer it with a cloth mask. However, be sure to replace your surgical masks. If you are wearing N95 masks you do not need double masking.

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2. Wear A Face Shield

Maintaining social distancing at a vaccination centre can be difficult. Therefore, the more protected we are, the better. A lot of us think that a face shield is not essential, but let us not forget that it gives that needed protection to our eyes. Plus, you get double protection from the aerosols dispersed in the air from an infected person.

3. Wear gloves

Wear single-use latex or nitrile rubber gloves. Gloves will keep you from reaching your hands to your face which you may subconsciously touch without the gloves. Take care to touch only the inner surface while removing them. Wash your hands beforehand and afterward. However, remember to sanitise your hands even if you are wearing gloves.

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4. Carry A Sanitiser

Sanitisers may be stationed at most places at the vaccination centre, but carrying a bottle along with you is also extremely important. It helps to avoid using sanitisers stationed at the centre and ensures that you clean your hands every time you touch a common surface.

5. Avoid talking

So, you have all the protective gear in place? Good for you but you have to do more than just masking up. Avoid talking once you reach the vaccination centre. Talking to other people will not only hinder social distancing but will increase the chances of virus transmission. Talk to the healthcare staff at the centre if you have any queries as they are already inoculated.

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Picture Credits: Pexels

6. Do Not Use The Toilet At The Vaccination Centre

We do not have to remind you that you must try to avoid using the public toilet at the vaccination centre, do we? With a plethora of people using the common toilet, you can easily get infected when an infected person uses the same washroom.

At last, do not remove your mask if you plan to get a picture of your first vaccination shot. Stay safe!