Running Enthusiasts, Sign Up For These 5 Marathon Trails Around Mumbai

by Sanmita A
Running Enthusiasts, Sign Up For These 5 Marathon Trails Around Mumbai

Are you a confident runner? And now a running enthusiast? Then, why not break away from the usual running trails in the city and give marathons a try. There are numerous running trails in and around the city, which account for great experiences, and if you are the one with sufficient energy and will, marathons in Mumbai will leave you in awe. 

Marathons require you to have strong willpower and the heart to weather through rocky paths and treks in longer durations. You can readily sign up for these five marathon trails in and around Mumbai that’ll challenge you, and you can pull in your friends too. 

1. Durshet Forest Marathon

Durshet Forest Marathon is a marathon which will challenge you. The trail passes through forests, beautiful grasslands and villages. The marathon has four major categories –  32K, half marathon, 10K and 5K. To know more and sign up, click here.

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2. Kihim Running And Living Beach Half Marathon, Alibaug

This Marathon takes places at the Kihim Beach, outside the Sagarika Beach Resort. The entire trail is on the hard sand beach. Running on the beach is mostly fun and more relaxed as compared to marathons on a rocky terrain. If you really want to run a marathon and refresh yourself, this is exactly what where you need to be.

3. Lonavala Varsha Marathon

The run begins from Lion’s Point, giving you a peek into the panoramic views of the Amby valleys. A literal visual treat! This trail has the following categories: 5km, 10km 21km, 35km and 50km and runners trail through the Sahara Amby Valley. Give this a try to truly understand where you stand!

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4. Tata Mumbai Marathon 

Another challenging marathon for the runners, it is one of Asia’s most popular marathons organized ever. You’ll come across all types of runners at this event. Starting from amateurs to the fittest of all runners, this Marathon witnesses it all. No matter your type, Tata Mumbai Marathon will be an experience of a lifetime and you must give it a shot!

5. Mumbai Half Marathon

The most anticipated marathon for runners, this trail begins from the Bandra fort garden. What’s interesting is the Half Marathon has both LIVE and Virtual Event. Therefore, you can register and give the marathon a virtual shot too. Take a look at how you can participate here.

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