Sania Mirza Faced Withdrawal Symptoms From Tennis During Her Pregnancy | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Sania Mirza Faced Withdrawal Symptoms From Tennis During Her Pregnancy | Curly Tales

India’s pride, Tennis player Sania Mirza invited our chief editor Kamiya Jani to her home in Dubai. So as you read it, this time our Sunday brunch episode was different than the others. Kamiya and Sania both working mothers shared a lot in common, especially the prejudices of society. They both had a very fun conversation and amidst that, Sania also spoke about her retirement. To know more about it, keep reading!

Sania Mirza Had Withdrawal Symptoms

As Kamiya and Sania were talking over Sania’s decision to retire from Tennis, Kamiya asked her about any withdrawal symptoms. Sania revealed that she did face symptoms while she was pregnant. She said that her pregnancy acted like a small preview of her withdrawal from tennis. “This is a good chance for me to see like how much is it going to affect me not to play,” said Sania. This line was exactly what came to her mind when she was pregnant. She further said that she was doing fine with it. Sania is one of those people who cannot sit idle and which is why she now will be having academies to keep her busy after retirement.


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Sports Teach Us A Lot

Sania Mirza believes that sports teach us many important life lessons. She spoke about how it teaches one to lose with grace, to win with humility and to never give up. She said that sports build the character of a person moulding him to be strong. It teaches one to put the setbacks or failures behind them and believe in oneself. So now she feels that it’s time to pass on the knowledge that she has gained from Tennis to others through her academy.

Our chief editor Kamiya Jani and Sania had an amazing time talking about life, food and travel. This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to deep-dive, watch their episode of Sunday Brunch on our Youtube channel.

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