Sania Mirza: I Can’t Resist Indian Desserts Like Shahi Tukda And Gulab Jamun | Curly Tales

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Sania Mirza: I Can’t Resist Indian Desserts Like Shahi Tukda And Gulab Jamun | Curly Tales

Is there anything more blissful and delicious than Indian desserts? No! Indians love their desi desserts and our recent guest too loves it. This time the tables were turned at Sunday Brunch as India’s Tennis champion Sania Mirza invited our Chief Editor Kamiya Jani to her Dubai abode for Sunday Brunch. Yes, that is why you better watch the episode of Sunday Brunch while we give you a slice of it below.

Sania Mirza Loves Indian Desserts

Be it a sportsperson or any actor, they have to follow a certain diet to keep themself fit all the time. But there are some dishes that no matter how much we try, we fail to resist. Kamiya was asking Sania Mirza some quick questions and one of those questions revealed Sania’s sweet preferences. Kamiya asked Sania about that one dessert that she cannot resist, pat came her reply, “Indian desserts”. Sania said that she loves all Indian desserts like Gulab Jamun and Shahi Tukda. She revealed that she has a sweet tooth for Indian desi desserts instead of chocolates.


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Preferring Home Cooked Food

Who doesn’t love fresh, home-cooked food? Our guest loves it too. Kamiya asked Sania about her dessert preferences which took her to her next question. She asked Sania to name any Hyderabadi restaurant that she loves to visit every time she is in her hometown, Hyderabad. Sania answered that every time she is in her home town she prefers nothing but home-cooked food. She further said that as she lives in Dubai now, it so happens that they eat out a lot. So she eats at home every time she is back in India. The next revelation was that being a Hyderabadi, Biryani is very common to her, unlike others who look at it as a special feast.

Sania Mirza

Kamiya and Sania had a fun conversation while relishing Biryani and Haleem. If you too want to know it all, watch this video right now!

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