No More Single-Use Plastic At Jumeirah Beach Hotel

by Deeplata Garde
No More Single-Use Plastic At Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Sheikh Hamdan has introduced another initiative termed, Dubai Can Initiative. It encourages residents and visitors to ditch their single-use plastic.  Jumeirah Beach Hotel has taken this initiative quite seriously. They are swapping all the possible plastic bottles with different materials that are biodegradable.  Majorly the exchange is in form of putting up glass bottles instead of plastic.

Why Does Emirates Need This Dubai Can Initiative?

The Executive Council of Dubai stated about the plastic ban on February 7, 2022. The ordeal included that the use of disposable plastic bags throughout the emirate will be subject to a tax of 25 fils. 0.25 dirhams equal 25 fils. While there is currently a charge in place, a permanent ban on single-use plastic bags is likely in Dubai over the next two years.

Dubai has installed five new water fountains at popular destinations and public parks taking the total number of Dubai Can water fountains to 39. The ‘Dubai Can’ initiative has helped reduce single-use plastic water bottles (500ml). Since its launch on February 15, 2022, people have consumed over free 117,000 litres of water from the fountains.

We all are aware of the hazardous effects of single-use plastic on the environment. The ultimate goal of this initiative is to save the Dubai’s Biodiversity. The ever-increasing use of this material can cause long-term harm to the national environment. The complacent dependence on plastic needs to replace. The Crown Prince hence urges the citizens of Dubai to use their reusable containers. For this initiative to run smoothly, Sheikh Hamdan has installed 34 water stations across.

The List Of Spots To Refill Your Water Bottle

Kite Beach, Dubai World Trade Center, Zabeel Park, and Madinat Jumeirah are among the city’s major attractions. These are the drinking water stations installed in Dubai. You can observe the installation of around 50 additional top-up stations throughout the emirate.

How Do I Assure If The Water Is Safe To Drink?

Before it enters the taps, the water in the Emirates goes through a purification process to remove any contaminants. All refilling stations throughout the area will adhere to civic, medical, and government regulations. This involves offering clean and safe drinking water. It’s tested in accordance with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, GCC & WHO standards.

What Are The Current Statistics Of Single-Use Plastic In Dubai?

The average UAE resident uses 450 plastic water bottles each year. This becomes the total number of plastic bottle usage to four billion per year. Emirates delivered 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic in 2019. Dubai has been at the forefront of efforts to reduce the use of plastic. Last week, the emirate announced a 25 fils duty on single-use plastic bags. They may as well be a possibility of a two-year boycott. Hence Dubai Can Initiative is a required effort to reduce plastic use.