Sikkim’s Lachen To Introduce Bamboo Water Bottles For Tourists

by Sanjana Shenoy

Plastic water bottles have become an utter nuisance. Their non-biodegradable nature have contributed to the problem of plastic pollution in the country. Different states are doing their bits to tackle this issue. Gujarat is all set to introduce glass water bottles near the Statue of Unity and ban the use of plastic water bottles altogether. Now the latest news is that Sikkim’s Lachen will introduce bamboo water bottles for tourists as an alternative to plastic bottles. Lachen is the first town to completely ban packaged drinking water bottles and introduce bamboo bottles instead.

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What’s In It?

Lachen, a charming town in Sikkim attracts tourists throughout the year for its snowcapped mountains and breathtaking views. This town has been facing alot of problems due to plastic water bottles strewn by tourists over the years. The local community decided to ban plastic bottles and introduce bamboo water bottles, which have been ordered from Assam through Sikkim Rajya Sabha MP Hishey Lachungpa. In 1998, Sikkim took its first steps towards banning plastic water bottles. Packaged drinking water was then banned in 2016 in government offices and at government events.

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They are very strict about the use of plastic water bottles, so much so that there are random checks for tourist vehicles to make sure that no one is carrying the plastic pollutant. The Lachen Tourism Development Committee (LTDC), comprising locals, and the Dzumsa, which is like a local panchayat found only in this part of North Sikkim are the main organizations behind this [ackaged water ban. The local authorities have ordered 1000 bamboo water bottles and this number will increase in the near future. After their war on plastic water bottles, their next target are wafer and biscuit packets.

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What’s More?

Lachen’s Pipon Gyatso Lachenpa stated that the decision to crack down on plastic waste in Lachen was taken in 2011. That was when they decided to ban plastic carry bags. After this, two other towns Lachung and Chungthang prohibited the use of packaged drinking water. He also stated that they have requisitioned 1000 bamboo water bottles which they had to introduce a bit late due to some delay. But these bottles will be launched at their Lachen Losar festival later this year. And even though this number is small, but it’s a start. Well, the fight against plastic pollution is a tough one, but if we all take small steps to regulate and lessen our consumption of plastic, then we can definitely sustain the world of our future generations. Did you know Jamshedpur In Jharkhand Uses Plastic Waste To Build Roads?