6 Smart Hacks To Save Money On Your Summer Travel

by Sanjana Shenoy
6 Smart Hacks To Save Money On Your Summer Travel

Travel is undoubtedly lots of fun. Exploring new places, learning an exotic language, gorging on local food, immersing yourself in a different culture, can be super enriching. Nevertheless, it’s also an expensive affair. While there’s no such thing as free travel, there’s definitely smart travel. This involves proper planning, research, and of course saving up. So, travel enthusiasts, here are 6 smart hacks to save money on your summer travel.

1. Choose A Less Popular Destination

If saving money on travel is a priority for you, then why not take the road less travelled? Ask yourself, what is it that you want from this travel. Is it beaches, mountains, adventure sports or a luxurious stay? Once you know exactly what you want, go through a list of destinations offering the same. From this list, choose a less popular destination. Unexplored gems are not only inexpensive but also give you a vacation free from crowds and commercialisation. For example, if it beaches and seafood that you desire, then you can ditch Goa for the unexplored Mangalore.  

hacks to save money for travel

2. Book Tickets Early & Fly Mid Week

The secret to getting cheap tickets is about booking it early. Booking your flight tickets at least 50 to 100 days before departure is the golden rule. More importantly,  fly mid-week. Truly seasoned travellers would know that airlines usually set their prices on Tuesday mornings. You can find the best flight deals on Tuesday afternoon. Moreover, flying on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday is a wise decision, as tickets tend to be the cheapest. Most people rarely choose to fly mid-week, as it’s an odd time to travel. Avoid weekend tickets and fly mid-week instead to save up on your budget.

hacks to save money for travel

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3. Use Appropriate Apps For Research & Discount

Why stop your budget saving hacks at just booking cheap flight tickets? Go one step further and use appropriate apps to research and get discounts on music festivals, theme park tickets, car rental, accommodation and whatnot. Discount apps like Groupon and Living Social help you score major savings on tickets to entertainment events. Tickets to festivals can be half the cost on such sites. Moreover, apps like Agoda, Booking.com often help you find the best accommodation at the cheapest rates. These will end up being cheaper than actually booking a hotel from its own website.

hacks to save money for travel

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4. Pick An Alternative Stay Apart From Hotels

While hotels and resorts are fancy and offer you the best luxurious amenities, they can burn a hole in your pocket. And if the goal of your stay is to explore a destination rather than basking in luxuries, then maybe you can give hotels a miss. Instead, pick an alternative stay like a homestay or even a hostel. Apps like Airbnb and HomeAway offer you a wide range of options to select from. You can rent an entire home, a private room or even a shared space. Moreover, if you do have friends staying nearby, don’t hesitate to crash in for a few days. It can bring the extra zest of adventure to your vacation and also help you save costs.

Hostel In Himachal
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5. Feast On Local Food & Drinks

Your friends in Europe would have warned you that Indian food abroad is super expensive. Similarly, when you travel, try to eat at local eateries, food trucks and on the streets. Of course, do make sure the food is hygienic, and then give it a good. Since the eateries use local ingredients, the food will be priced reasonably. After all, paying truckloads of money for a pricey meal at a hotel will only be great for Instagram pictures. But apart from that, you can only explore a city in a wholesome manner if you feast on the local food.


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6. Ditch Souvenirs For Experiences

If your fridge filled with souvenir magnets? Or do you have a cabinet full of travel keychains? Well, splurging on overpriced curios at souvenir shops is a mandatory travel experience. It need not have to be so. These like curios serve no purpose behind just surface-level decor. Use this money to instead spend on experiences and making new memories. You can try out adventure sports, attend a workshop or explore a wildlife sanctuary. These memories and experiences will remain with you throughout your life, and not just fade away in a corner of your home.

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Travel lovers! These are some of the smart ways you can save up on your travel budget. Focus on being flexible with your trip. And remember you can have an amazing time without spending a bomb.