South India’s Only Glass Bridge Offers 360-Degree Views Of Lofty Hills & Lush Green Forests

by Sanjana Shenoy
South India’s Only Glass Bridge Offers 360-Degree Views Of Lofty Hills & Lush Green Forests

Imagine walking on a bridge made of glass where you’re surrounded by lush greenery, on all sides, even in the bottom of your feet. Well, this scary yet adventurous experience is not just available in China’s skywalk bridge in Zhangjiajie. All you need to do is visit Wayanad to witness South India’s first glass bridge that offers breathtaking views of the green forests. Read on to know more about this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

 Wayanad Has A Glass Bridge Nestled 100 Feet Above

Nestled in Thollayiram Kandi, this glass bridge is a mini version of the one you’d find in China. Perched at a height of 100 feet from the ground the Wayanad Glass Bridge is owned by a private resort, 900 Kandi. To reach here, you can drive up to Thollayiram Kandi or trek here and then take a jeep up to the bridge. Made of durable and unbreakable fibreglass, imported from Italy, this bridge has become a hot spot for sightseeing in Wayanad. Only three to four people are permitted to walk on the bridge at a time.

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Enjoy 360-Degree Views Of Lofty Hills & Lush Green Forests

Once you’re on the bridge, witness stunning 360-degree views of the tropical rainforest in South India. With mesmerising views of the hills and lush vegetation, this is an out of the world experience. Perfect for memorable videos or quiet moments in self-thought, you’d want to be part of this experience in Wayanad. It could be terrifying for those who’re scared of heights or suffer from vertigo. So, you’d want to think twice before you get on this bridge. But for those of you seeking adventure, it’s exactly what you wished for.

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Walk On The Glass Marvel For ₹100 Per Person

This glass skywalk in Wayanad is open from 9 am to 6 pm. Pay ₹100 per person to enjoy 30 minutes of interrupted views of the lofty hills, cotton-ball like clouds, deep valleys and gorgeous forest views. From 100 feet above, the sky won’t be the limit to the breathtaking views. Known for its spice plantations, dreamy hill station vibes and rich flora and fauna, Wayanad’s glass marvel is yet another sightseeing spot that needs your attention. So, forget visiting China for a glass skywalk, just head to Wayanad to witness South India’s first glass bridge.