SpiceJet Aircraft Catches Fire At Delhi Airport. Here’s What Happened. Watch

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
SpiceJet Aircraft Catches Fire At Delhi Airport. Here’s What Happened. Watch

On Tuesday, a SpiceJet airplane caught fire at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport. Both the aircraft and the maintenance staff are safe. This was reported by a spokesperson for the airline. The spokesperson claimed that when performing an engine ground run at around 8pm at the time of the repair, this incident took place. The video of the incident from the Delhi airport went viral on social media. 

SpiceJet Aircraft Catches Fire At Delhi Airport

A SpiceJet aircraft, while undergoing engine maintenance, caught fire. The incident happened at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Airport. 

Details indicate that engineers were performing maintenance on a private airline’s ATR aircraft when they noticed a fire in one of the engines. They were performing ground runs at idle power. The fire warning was observed by the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer at Engine #1. The fire extinguisher was also discharged. 

As they say, precaution is better than cure, and the fire brigade was also summoned as a precautionary measure. 

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Video Goes Viral On Twitter

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A passenger aboard another airplane at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport witnessed the SpiceJet aircraft as it was on fire. 

The roaring fire was seen on camera as the passenger captured the incident on mobile. The video was taxiing and showed heavy smoke coming from the far-off aircraft. According to an airport official, a fire was reported in one of the grounded plane’s engines at 8pm, and it was later put out. 

The aviation regulator, DGCA, announced earlier today that SpiceJet had been removed from its expanded surveillance programme.

The Q400 is a turboprop plane. The airline operates Q400s with seating capacities of 78 and 90 passengers, according to its website.

Indian airline Spicejet was established in 1984. A temporary 50% cap on the airline’s ability to fly flights was placed in place in October of last year as a result of a series of incidents involving air safety.  (As per HIndustan Times)

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