Narrow Escape For SpiceJet Plane As It Collides With Pole At Delhi Airport Before Takeoff

by Pratiksha
by Pratiksha 1002

Of all the things to happen on a flight,  passengers on a SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Jammu were in shock after the plane collided with an electric pole at the Delhi airport before takeoff during pushback of the aircraft. During the pushback, the right-wing edge came in close contact with a pole. It was a close shave for the passengers onboard the SpiceJet flight. The passengers were shifted to a different aircraft after the incident.

A SpiceJet Plane Had Cracked Windows

In another incident, a passenger was greeted with acracked window on a SpiceJet plane . The crack was fixed using cello tape and left the passenger less than amused. Flying from Mumbai to Delhi, Hariharan Sankaran obviously freaked out when he saw the lax manner in which the problem had been dealt with. Tweeting about it, he said that it was a major concern as airlines are supposed to be really strict regarding safety concerns.

SpiceJet Safety Is On The Radar

After tweeting about the incident, SpiceJet apologised to Sanakaran for the inconvenience caused and said that the issue had been fixed. They further tweeted to say that the problem had been fixed that very day. But, they also went on to clarify that it wasn’t the window that was cracked but the inner flexi-pane. This is important because a cracked window can lead to the pressure in the cabin to drop when the plane is at a high altitude. It can lead to passengers losing consciousness and even dying. However, a cracked inner pane doesn’t cause any harm to the window. Needless to say though, Twitterati wasn’t quite happy with the response. They went on to complain about how it’s not a good enough excuse for SpiceJet to address the problem earlier.

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This incident comes right after SpiceJet was in hot water for one of their crew members indulging in PDA on the flight with an off-duty pilot. They both were sacked by the airline after a passenger complained about them. It came to light when the passenger saw them on a Delhi to Kolkata flight.


Image Credits: Airline Inform

SpiceJet seems to be getting into a lot of scraps lately. Looks like they might need to fix a lot of things around here.

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