Srinagar’s 700-Year-Old Mangleshwar Bhairav Temple Is Getting Renovated

by Shreya Ghosh
Srinagar’s 700-Year-Old Mangleshwar Bhairav Temple Is Getting Renovated

Kashmir is home to some of India’s ancient and historical establishments. The Mangleshwar Bhairav Temple in Srinagar is a temple standing in the valley for around 700 years. And now the Jammu and Kashmir administration is currently working on reconstructing this temple. This religious place faced some major damages in the year 2014. And that is why the Jammu and Kashmir administration has started renovating it.

How Is The Reconstruction Of The Mangleshwar Bhairav Temple Going On?

A Twitter user named Ranjan Jotshi took to his account @RanjanJotshi to share a sneak peek of the ongoing restoration project of this 7 centuries-old temple in Srinagar. Take a look at the temple here.

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Srinagar faced extreme floods in the year 2014. These led to much destruction and cracks in this temple. Officials shared that to reconstruct the temple and renovate it with a new makeover, the Jammu and Kashmir administration has already started working.

What Is This Project All About?

The project of revamping the Mangleshwar Bhairav Temple began last year. The administration initiated the process of construction in the month of June 2022, according to a report by Kashmir Observer. The officials also shared that the preservation and renovation project is supposed to be completed by the next month. Lastly, the budget for this reconstruction is ₹1.62 crores.

The officials shared that they are not using any cement for the revival and renovation of the temple, according to a report by The Times Of India. For preserving the temple, they are using those materials that were used to construct the temple around 7 centuries before.

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One of the locals shared with Kashmir Observer that this temple was a must-visit for many Kashmiri pandits. This temple holds an important significance in the valley. The restoration work and the makeover will surely give a new look to the temple and will be great as well.

The Mangleshwar Bhairav temple underwent a construction process back in the year 2010. But after the floods hit the place in 2014, it faced so much damage.

If you are planning to travel to Srinagar soon, make sure to visit the Mangleshwar Bhairav temple.

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay, Twitter/ Ranjan jotshi (@RanjanJotshi)