Starbucks Features Taylor Swift’s Exes As Drinks & The Internet Is Torn Asunder Once Again

by Tooba Shaikh
Starbucks Features Taylor Swift’s Exes As Drinks & The Internet Is Torn Asunder Once Again

Raise your hand if you, too, misheard the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’ and thought she said ‘Got a long list of Starbucks lovers!’ Well, now there is a real list of Starbucks lovers and the Swifties aren’t at all pleased about it. A board in one of the Starbucks outlets made an attempt at humour by naming beverages after Taylor Swift’s exes, and boy did it go well.

Starbucks Features Taylor Swift’s Exes As Beverages

Taylor Swift's exes
Credits: @missamericana/Twitter

The Internet loves its little controversies. The latest in the series of unimportant things people are upset about is this list of Taylor’s exes as beverages. In case you’re not a Swiftie and were not in the know, Taylor Swift recently hinted that her six-year-relationship with the British actor Joe Alwyn has ended.

Thus began the Internet’s obsession with her personal life and all the old jokes about Taylor writing songs about her exes resurfaced once again. While Taylor has faced a backlash for maligning her exes in her music, there has been another wave of backlash that criticises this initial critique of the 33-year-old musician.

People have highlighted the hypocrisy and misogyny of the initial critique aimed at Taylor. As such, when a Starbucks outlet featured a board naming beverages after Taylor’s exes, it was deemed to be in bad taste.

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Internet Torn Asunder On This New Issue

As with many things on the Internet, this issue, too, has torn the Internet in two. Many people took offence at the board and said that whoever did this should be held responsible and that appropriate action should be taken against the person behind it.

However, some people said that the issue was not as severe as some people were making it out to be. This is because the board did not malign or demean Taylor Swift in any way. The board was merely poking fun at the exes and trying to be innovative with beverages.

One user even said that the backlash might have severely impacted the employee who came up with the idea. And since the names were all so hilariously on point, the backlash, mainly from Swifties, might have put another Swiftie under scrutiny.

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Cover Image Credits: @missamericana/Twitter