Step By Step Guide To Apply For A Student Visa In The UAE

by Deeplata Garde
by Deeplata Garde 181

The UAE is a desirable location for university students due to the wide variety of foreign universities. Diversified student population, and secure environment for students are among the supportive factors. One of the most important things you must do if you have been recently enrolled to a college in the UAE is to complete your application for a student residency visa. Here is all you need to know about the application process for student visas.

How Are Student Visas Issued By UAE Universities?

The student affairs or registrar department at institutions will assist you in the registration process for your residency visa. It depends on if you are an overseas student who has arrived to the UAE for studies or an existing UAE citizen who has to move to get a student visa.

The UAE’s official web site,, states that foreign students who are above 18 and reside in the UAE are eligible for a student visa.

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Basic Requirements And Documents For Student Permit In UAE

  1. Get a institution’s actual document of enrollment from the UAE. An academic extension document is valid for older pupils.
  2. Be successful on the medical fitness test
  3. Get an advocate. A parent or other family member who resides in the UAE can also be an approved university.
  4. Obtain GDRFA clearance for the resident visa.

The Important Documents

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Photocopies to attach.
  3. Admission letter from the university
  4. A valid bank statement to validate you can afford the living expenses and tuition fees
  5. A lease agreement or other documentation proving you are living on campus,
  6. First Year tuition fee receipt
  7. If you are applying for postgraduation, then a certified copy of undergraduate degree

In order to learn about any additional conditions about the institution’s visa application process, students must get in touch with their university.

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