Study Finds Kids Surrounded By Greenery Have Higher IQ & Lower Stress Levels

by Drishti
Study Finds Kids Surrounded By Greenery Have Higher IQ & Lower Stress Levels

For the love of intelligence, plant a tree! First came the almonds and walnuts, then came all those brain exercises, and now? Now, to make the children sharper, there’s a new trick in the town. And all you have to do is plant lots of trees. Well not quite a trick, but a new study says that kids surrounded by greenery have higher IQ and lower stress levels.

Kids Surrounded By Greenery Are Happier And Sharper

Did you know that children living in green spaces tend to become happier adults? In fact, they are less prone to mood disorders too. But what happens to their intelligence? Apparently it improves too! A new study conducted by researchers at Hasselt University in Belgium shows just this. It examined how the IQ levels of 620 children were linked to their living areas neighbourhood. Speaking of Belgium, did you know about this unique museum there?

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The IQ data for this research was sourced from the East Flanders Prospective Twin Survey (in Belgium). According to this data, the average IQ of the kids stood around 105. But when it was closely examined, researchers saw something interesting. A significant four per cent of kids with an IQ score below 80 lived in areas without much greenery. Speaking of kids, here’s what they have to say about being in lockdown for now. 

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Increasing Greenery Caused Kids’ IQ Levels To Rise By 2.6 Points

The study, published on the health journal PLOS Medicine focused on children within the age bracket of 10 to 15 years. It established that a three per cent increase in children’s living area caused their IQ to rise by 2.6 points! Researchers have also given probable reasons behind this. They think lower noise levels and lower stress levels help in improving kids’ IQ and behaviour. Oh, all of this talk about clean, green and clear spaces has us missing the outdoors. So here are some refreshing landscapes for you!