Surat Has A Flying Falooda Where Street Vendors Fling Ice Cream In Thin Air

by Shreya Ghosh
Surat Has A Flying Falooda Where Street Vendors Fling Ice Cream In Thin Air

In the massive crowd of uncountable street food stalls located all around us, many vendors often introduce something unique to grab everyone’s attention. From serving unique food items to using different tricks to prepare the dishes, activities like these help in making these stalls distinct and unique among the lot. A recent video of a flying falooda sold in a shop in Surat is garnering a lot of views on social media.

Surat’s Flying Falooda Is Going Viral! Do You Want To Try This?

Back in July, Food blogger Raj Patel uploaded a video of the viral falooda at Hanumante Falooda in Surat. Calling it ‘Surat’s famous flying falooda’, he showed the process of making glass after glass of this yummy cold dessert at this shop.

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This video begins with a young boy using amazing ways to make falooda. He starts by juggling 5 glasses and pouring falooda sev, sabja seeds, rooh afza, and sweetened milk, and mixes everything. The trick of pouring milk into the glass is quite eye-catching. Later, he adds scoops of ice cream to each glass. The entire process to prepare the dessert is grabbing all the attention but truth be told, everyone is not impressed.

This Viral Video Is Making Netizens Question About Cross Contamination. It Is Receiving Mixed Reviews

flying falooda
Picture credit- Raj Patel | Food Blogger Instagram (@the__bearded__foodie)

Shared on 2 July, the video has garnered over 1 million views with 48K views and hundreds of comments. Many Netizens are quite impressed with the skills of the vendor and the way he prepares a huge quantity of falooda at once. An Instagrammer commented, “I love his energy”. Though there is some appreciation for the tricks used in preparing the desserts, many Instagrammers have pointed out how the milk is touching the roof of the stall while he throws it in the air before pouring it into the glass. Someone wrote, “The milk that he pulled touched the ceiling”. A comment read, “Not enough cross contamination for me. Throw some flies on it first.”

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What do you think of this process of making desserts? Also, will you try it?

Where: Hanumante Falooda, Chowk Bazaar, Surat, Gujarat

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Raj Patel | Food Blogger (@the__bearded__foodie)