Team India Unimpressed With Lunch Served During T20 World Cup Practice Sessions

by Sanmita A
Team India Unimpressed With Lunch Served During T20 World Cup Practice Sessions

The Indian cricket team expressed disappointment over the food served post practice sessions. The team is currently in Sydney for the T20 World Cup and is gearing up for a match with the Netherlands on Thursday. As per multiple media reports, the top Indian players had unofficially informed the ICC of the cold and inadequate. On Sunday, the Indian cricket team beat Pakistan in a phenomenal match in Melbourne.

T20 World Cup: Indian Team Served Sandwiches & Cold Food

As per news agencies, the food given to the Indian team players was not adequate. After their practice session, the team was given sandwiches, fruits and falafel, which was cold and not up to the mark. The team had also informed the International Cricket Council (ICC) about this unofficially. As they were unhappy with the serving, most Indian players decided to skip lunch and went to their hotel, where they ate a meal to their liking. Moreover, the practice session for T20 World Cup ended during lunch, so the Indian players must have been expecting a full-course meal.

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Who’s In-Charge Of The Food?

The International Cricket Council is responsible for serving the teams during the T20 World Cup 2022. Therefore, the Indian players expressed to the ICC how the food was insufficient. It must all be noted that the team travels up to 42 km for their practice sessions, which is quite a distance. And the team does not want to travel this far just before the advent of any crucial matches. A report by the Hindustan Times mentioned that the ICC rules are the same for all countries. In a bilateral series, the host organisation usually provides all the meals. However, ICC takes charge of such a series as the T20 World Cup.

The Indian team is playing the Netherlands tomorrow.

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