Telangana Food Safety Dept Raids Tolichowki Restaurants; Finds Misbranded Food, No Insect Proof Screen & More

The task force team raided 4 Seasons Multi Cuisine Restaurant and Hotel Rumaan in Tolichowki.

by Shreya Ghosh
Telangana Food Safety Dept Raids Tolichowki Restaurants; Finds Misbranded Food, No Insect Proof Screen & More

Do restaurants hire staff to clean the premises? Yes. Do these people focus on keeping the areas clean and hygienic? The answer is no in most cases. With passing days, weeks, and months, we are unfortunately coming across a surge in incidents of filth seen at eateries and similar locations. This time, the Telangana Food Safety Department visited restaurants in Hyderabad’s Tolichowki area and discovered dirtiness and violations of basic rules.

The Task Force Team Inspected 4 Seasons Multi Cuisine Restaurant

Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana (@cfs_telangana) took to the X platform to share important findings of this recent investigation at 2 restaurants.

The team of officials found many disgusting things in different corners of this restaurant on July 3. There were misbranded food items such as fry saunf, sweet saunf, and potli ka masala. The Food Safety Department took away these as no manufacturing or expiry dates were mentioned. The food articles stored in containers did not have proper labelling and covers.

Food handlers at 4 Seasons Multi Cuisine Restaurant did not wear headgear and hotel uniforms. A portion of the kitchen premises was kept open. There was no insect-proof screen there. Also, the kitchen did not have properly fitted closed doors to prevent pests and dust from entering inside. There were a few open dustbins too. The restaurant staff could not show the FSSAI licence true copy.

The officials found water stagnation close to the restaurant’s cleaning area. Plasters on the walls were damaged and flakes could be seen in the kitchen. Lastly, there were no medical fitness certificates for food handlers.

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Telangana Food Safety Department Raided Hotel Rumaan In Tolichowki

The task force also investigated Hotel Rumaan on the same day. This restaurant in Tolichowki did not abide by some necessary guidelines. The Food Safety Department discovered that food items inside a refrigerator were not covered well. Also, there was no definite labelling on them. Just like 4 Seasons Multi Cuisine Restaurant, kitchen premises were open at Hotel Rumaan as well. Also, both restaurants had open kitchens without insect-proof screens and proper doors.

The flooring was quite patchy with loose plaster flakes on the ceiling. Also, there were open dustbins. The restaurant did not have the FSSAI licence copy at the billing counter. Lastly, none of the food handlers wore their headgear and hotel uniforms.

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These are all updates about the recent raids by the Telangana Food Safety Department at these restaurants in Tolichowki.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ Commissioner of Food Safety, Telangana (@cfs_telangana)

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