The Floating Jetty On Andaman’s Baratang Island Is In Pathetic Condition; Is A Potential Threat To Visitors

by Tooba Shaikh
The Floating Jetty On Andaman’s Baratang Island Is In Pathetic Condition; Is A Potential Threat To Visitors

Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Every year many tourists flock to these islands in order to experience their pristine beauty. Among them, Baratang Island on the Andaman is particularly famous. Many people visit the limestone caves located on this island which are huge attractions. However, officials have expressed concern about the upkeep of the floating jetty on Baratang Island which can be a threat to tourists.

Poor Upkeep Of Floating Jetty On Andaman’s Baratang Island

This particular jetty or pier is most often used by visitors who want to visit the wondrous limestone caves. As of now, the jetty has no railings which means that people walking on it are not safe from falling off the pier and landing directly into the water.

People who live around the pier and are localites have, however, attached a few bamboo poles on the pier in lieu of a railing. This, though slightly better, is not good enough to secure the tourists. A major chunk of the pier is still without support.

What is more, the pier itself is in a poor condition and even walking on it can pose a threat. It has suffered from damage in many places but is still managing to support people (Just like my mental health). 

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Officials Concerned That It Might Pose A Threat To Tourists

baratang island
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Over 400 tourists visit Baratang island daily and this jetty is the only way for tourists to reach the boats which take them to the limestone caves. This means that a large number of tourists are at risk. As such, the tour operators are attempting to raise concerns about its upkeep but the people in charge seem non-plussed.

Since it is a matter of safety of not just the tourists, but also of the tourism industry on the island, the tour operators are eager to get the bridge fixed. It was first constructed in 2016 by the Andaman Lakshadweep Harbour Works or ALHW but has since deteriorated.

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Cover Image Credits: For Representative Purposes; Wikimedia Commons