The Hoppery In Hyderabad With Santorini Feels Lets You Dine Inside A Glasshouse

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 783

Santorini is one of the most famous Greek islands. Dotted with whitewashed cube-shaped buildings adorned with blue accents, perched on steep hills overlooking tangerine sunsets, Santorini is indeed a slice of paradise. And while travelling to this iconic Greek island, might not be possible in the near future, folks in Hyderabad can experience Santorini in Jubilee Hills. How? Well, just head to The Hoppery. This is the first-ever microbrewery in Hyderabad introduced by The Olive Group. Offering a stunning glasshouse seating experience, coupled with craft brews and delicious food, this brewery certainly has a lot to offer. In a post-lockdown time, a visit to The Hoppery shall transport you all the way to Santorini.

the hoppery hyderabad

Picture Credits: The Olive Bar & Kitchen

Sit In A Glasshouse Surrounded By Flowers & Get Transported To Santorini

Step into The Hoppery, a glasshouse perched between lush foliage and greens. This charming brewery shall give you total European feels thanks to its Santorini signature white and blue decor, colourful flowers and spacious style. Sabina Singh, design director for the Olive Group designed this space with local young architect Sanjana Reddy. You can choose to sit in the cosy glasshouse or opt for an al fresco experience by the windmills complete with wooden benches and tables. The plants and foliage elevate the ambience and give it a cool breezy feel. The Hoppery is tastefully decorated and perfect for Insta-worthy pictures. It’s nothing like your usual brewery, and that’s the best part about it.

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the hoppery hyderabad

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Sip Bodacious Beers With Great Views 

With all its unending European, especially Santorini vibes, just so you don’t forget, The Hoppery is a brewery. So expect nothing short of refreshing, exquisite brews. Serving four kinds of beer named Copperead (Dark Lager), HopNotch (IPA), White Spice (Wheat) and HyderaBrew (a root beer inspired by the flavours of Hyderabad). If you’re up to amp up your tasting experience then indulge in beer cocktails here. Hop Notch beer, Citron Bomb or the Espresso concoction, The Cure, will let the beer do all the talking.

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Gorge On Delicious European Food

Apart from its bodacious brews, The Hoppery promises fabulous food created by the culinary genius Chef Shaun Kenworthy. A tapas menu perfectly complimenting the European vibes shall greet you. Tickle your tastebuds to the Mediterranean platter of Hummus and Pita, Hot Forest Mushroom and the UK favourite Fish n Chips. For mains, an array of pasta and pizzas will take you on a sojourn to Italy. When it comes to desserts, you must not leave The Hoppery, without indulging in Nutella French Toast and Classic Orange Zest Cheesecake. You’d cultivate a sweet tooth even if you don’t have one, the minute you sink your teeth in them.

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the hoppery hyderabad

Picture Credits: Facebook/ The Hoppery

So, the next time you visit Hyderabad, ( when it’s safe to so), a trip to The Hoppery must make it to your wishlist. It will be your chance to visit the gorgeous Greek island of Santorini, without stepping out of India.

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