5 Delivery Kitchens In Mumbai To Order Gourmand Meals At Home When You Can’t Go Out

delivery kitchens in mumbai
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1525

The coronavirus pandemic continues to play a lead role in our lives. Constantly altering the way we travel, eat out and meet our loved ones, night curfews and lockdowns are here to stay. So, if you’re tired of cooking at home and find yourself yearning to enjoy a lavish meal at a restaurant, then Mumbaikars, we have just the right suggestion for you. Here are 5 delivery kitchens you must order to enjoy an exquisite restaurant-style gourmand meal at home. Regional dishes prepared from decades-old family secret recipes and global food packed to perfection will make your way to your living room.

1. Seoulmate

Reignite your ardent love for K-Dramas and K-Pop by ordering from Seoulmate. This delivery-only kitchen managed by Korean food connoisseur, Soo Kyung Jeon offers a wide variety of mouthwatering Korean delicacies. From Korean styled Garlic Bread,  fried chicken, Dak Gang Jeong, to wholesome bowls of Bibimbap, nothing is left to the imagination. Gorge on savoury pancakes, Kimchi fried rice and gimbap seaweed rice roll while you Netflix your favourite Korean content! If you’re based in Bangalore, then here are amazing Korean restaurants for you. 

delivery kitchens in mumbai

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2. The Mexican Box

It can be quite a task to find authentic Mexican food in Mumbai. But look no further, after all with The Mexican Box, you can savour both traditional and experimental Mexican dishes at the comfort of your home. Helmed by Shaan and Meghna Mehta, this kitchen offers an array of dishes including a DIY Nacho kit, Fajita Box, Mexican Pizza, Burrito, Quesadilla and much more. with healthy and vegan options, homemade salsa and dips, you can savour mouth-watering food prepared with fresh avocados, mangoes, jalapenos and more. 

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3. Biryani By Kilo

Biryani is India’s most ordered dish. So it’s not really a surprise, that when you’re sitting at home during a lockdown or night curfew, the first thing you’d instantly crave for would have to be a piping hot bowl of biryani. The cloud kitchen, Biryani By Kilo satisfies both the tummies and hearts of biryani lovers. From a snow-cooked spicy Hyderabadi Biryani to a Khansama style, Lucknow Biryani gorge on your favourite dish, encapsulating the flavours of different regions of India. Complement your main course with bestselling starts like Mangalore style Chicken Ghee Roast and succulent Mutton Seekh Kebab.

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4. Greenz

If you’re looking for healthy meals to sustain your diet during the pandemic, then look no further. The delivery only kitchen, Greenz offers you the most lip-smacking healthy meals. Their elaborate menu includes a variety of refreshing salads, brown rice bowls, wraps, wheat pasta and sandwiches made from multigrain bread. Some of their favourite dishes include Glazed Chicken in Lemon Dressing, Fit-Fine-FIsh Meal, Exotic Fresh Greenz in Thai Curry and Brown Herbed Rice Chicken Biryani.

delivery kitchens in mumbai

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5. Hundo Pizza

Pizzas create the mood for the perfect get-together with friends or a laid back family party at home. While visiting restaurants to gorge on wood-fired pizzas isn’t the best idea amid the pandemic. You can always order delicious pizzas from Hundo Pizza and socially distance with your loved ones at home. They deliver 10-inch hand-tossed pizza with an array of veg and non-veg toppings. You can order the Funghi, , Pepperoni, Casa Bianco and Greca to name a few. Moreover, if you’re driving around Bandra, they can also drop it off at your car.

Foodies! These are 5 amazing delivery kitchens in Mumbai to order restaurant-style meals at home. From a lip-smacking Korean Bibimbap, aromatic Lucknowi Biryani, wholesome Burrito to a cheesy pizza, they got you covered.

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