The Onam Sadhya Meal With 26 Dishes Is A Must-Try For Every Foodie And Here’s Why

by Suchismita Pal
The Onam Sadhya Meal With 26 Dishes Is A Must-Try For Every Foodie And Here’s Why

Onam Sadhya is the special meal prepared during Onam, the 10-day harvest festival celebrated in South India. The meal is highly comforting and wholesome and comprises dishes made with seasonal and local ingredients. Onam Sadhya is served on a banana leaf and there is a specific position on the leaf for each dish. The preparation of the meal starts but cutting fresh vegetables and fruits. Then the cooks light up the fire or agni to prepare the sadhya. Before preparing the dishes, they offer prayers to agni.

Onam Sadhya And Its Dishes

The dishes of Onam Sadhya are meticulously prepared using healthy methods with ingredients like coconut oil, ghee, cashews and coconut milk. They aren’t very spicy yet profoundly flavourful. Onam Sadhya is one of the prime attractions of Onam, along with activities like pookkalam, snake boat race and tiger mask dancing. Onam Sadhya consists of a minimum of 26 dishes. Some of the popular and delectable dishes of Onam Sadhya are pachadi, chenna mezhkkupuratti, avial, thoran, inji thayir, rice, olan, paal ada pradhaman, parippu, pazha pradhaman, pickles, banana chips and sharkara varatti.


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Best Place To Try Onam Sadhya

Folding the banana leaf after finishing off the Onam Sadhya is a gesture of satisfaction. Kerala is the best place to relish the traditional meal, where Onam is celebrated in a grandiose manner in August and September. Even if you aren’t visiting Kerala during Onam, many popular south Indian restaurants across the globe also prepare the meal during the festival. Keep tabs on the nearby restaurants serving South Indian food and keep an eye on their social media pages before Onam.

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Onam Sadhya is one of the best culinary creations of South India that you should relish with your family and friends.