There Is A Connaught Place In Gr Noida That Has A Replica Of Taj Mahal Too! Been There Yet?

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by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 50

Delhi has an all new hangout spot and you’re going to love it. Ditch awkward conversations and expensive lunches with extended family for the best day ever. Everyone will be glad about this change of plans. Take your Kanpur ke fufa and Kolkata ki masi and sabke bachche to a crazy place they’ll never forget. There’s all kinds of places and peaches inside just one huge wonderland.

What is it

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An indoor theme park with every kind of entertainment you didn’t know you wanted is thriving inside Noida. Omaxe Connaught Place in Greater Noida is built like the market Connaught Place in central Delhi. Its Block H houses this amazing entertainment blockbuster. There’s every kind of activity for every kind of age group and personality. It’s the perfect place for a big family day out.

Kids will be mesmerized with the chocolate factory tour inside the theme park where you can watch chocolate being made from scratch. In our opinion, it was more of a treat for adults because sugar rush never leaves your addiction nerve. One of the most sought-after attractions is Oh! Taj. They’ve built a Taj Mahal replica complete with the Mughal garden too. There’s also a 6D movie screening of its making. The best part is you can take a look at what Shah Jahan and Mumtaz’s tombs look like in the real Taj Mahal which is forbidden there.

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What’s more

theme park

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They’ve got a 3-storey obstacle challenge for thrill seekers. It’s a crazy adrenaline rush. If you thought adventure was missing from this theme park, then you don’t know Delhi well enough. It never disappoints. They also have an exploration tour of Amazon jungle, Egyptian mummy-land, an unsinkable Titanic and our favourite, the mirror maze. The dinosaurs park is a walk-through Jurassic park with dinosaurs ready to jump at you.

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Stop wasting weekends at your same old favourite spots and head to this theme park. There’s no dearth of new experiences in this city. Go out and take a leap. It never disappoints. It’s perfect for all seasons courtesy to temperature control. No matter when you need an impromptu plan, just book your tickets to this fun zone. Oh Explore, Oh Adventure and Oh Express are three packages that they offer. They also have lovely musical shows. Once you’re exhausted, head to their food court for all the options in the world. Now that your plans are sorted for next weekend, take a chill because you’ll need the energy for this one!

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