These 5 Tea Estates In Assam With Enchanting Views Should Make It To Your Bucket List

by Sanmita A
These 5 Tea Estates In Assam With Enchanting Views Should Make It To Your Bucket List

Assam is famous for its tea and silk, apart from Bihu, the Kamakhya temple and its pithas. It is the gateway to the North East of India and has immense natural attractions to woo its visitors. Assam has luscious green tea plantations spread across thousands of acres of land. These tea plantations offer dreamy views that one must witness in a lifetime. As you plan a trip, here are five tea estates of Assam which must be on your bucket list.

Tea Estates of Assam With Enchanting Views

Assam is known for being the World’s largest tea producing regions.

Manohari Tea Estate

Situated along the India-Burmese border, the Manohari tea estate is one of the famous tea estates of Assam. The tea from this estate is handpicked, and one amongst the most exquisite quality. In 2019, it was the ‘Manohari Tea’ which was sold for a price of  ₹50,000/- per KG. The Manohari Tea estate also, has the Manohari Tea Retreat, which emits elegance of a British tea planter’s bungalow and takes one back to . If you wish to experience the old colonial way of living and enjoy a retreat amid the tea plantations of Assam, this is a must visit.

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Location: Manohari Tea Estate, P.O Mohanbari, Lahoal, Dibrugarh(Assam)

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Sonapur Tea Estate

Located nearest to Guwahati, the Sonapur Tea Estate is a must visit when you’re in the city. One of the most picturesque tea estates of Assam, it is a great place for photography enthusiasts. It is also one of the oldest tea estates in Assam, incorporated in the year 1924.

Location: Sonapur – Rewa Rd, Gumoria Pathar, Assam

Joonktollee Tea Estate

Located at the Barbam district of Assam, the Joonktolle has the single largest tea factory in the world. The plantations at the Joonktollee Tea Estate is spread across 1202.82 acres. It is one amongst the renowned tea estates of Assam.

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Location: Joonktollee T.E, Barbam, Assam

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Wild Mahseer

Located in an area of 22 acres, this tea estate resort in Assam will give you the feeling of royalty when you’re here. It is also one of the oldest tea estates in the region which was built in the year 1864 by the British Assam Tea Company.  Surrounded by tea gardens, this tea estate resort of Assam is nearby the Jia Bhorali river in Tezpur. If you wish to experience an amalgamation of colonial and Assamese culture and lifestyle, then the Wild Mahseer must be in your bucket list.

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Location: Wild Mahseer, Balipara Division, Addabarie Tea Estate, P.O. Lokra, Sonitpur, Balipara

Monabarie Tea Estate

Located at Biswanath Chariali in Assam, the Monabarie Tea Estate is the largest tea estate of Assam and in Asia. Owned by the McLeod Russel India Limited, the plantations are spread across 1158 hectares.

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Location: Monabari 269/451, Assam

You must experience a delightful cup of tea at the world’s renowned region for tea leaves and plantations. Do you know of more scenic tea plantations in India, let us know!

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